More Rock. Less Ham.

Rockingham’s Premier CrossFit Facility

Rocking bodies are built at CrossFit Assassin Rockingham. No matter where you’re starting today, you’re going to find members just like you here. We turn stay-at-home mums, grandparents, executives, politicians, and more into athletes. Or rather, we uncover the inner athlete that was always just below the surface.

Our head coach is medically trained and specializes in human conditions and rehab, so if you’ve got a medical condition or nagging injury that’s kept you out of the gym until now - come on in. We’re experts at modifying our workouts to meet you where you are ... and consistently encourage you to grow.

If you’re an elite athlete or have never stepped into a gym before, come see us. There is so much more your body can do. We’ll prove it to you, and you’ll love us for it. You deserve an hour a day to focus on you. Invest in yourself, and you can't lose.

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Our Facility

CrossFit Assassin’s 270-square-metre facility in Rockingham has everything you need to get the strong, lean, healthy body you’ve been craving. We’re overstocked with all the cool CrossFit tools you love (and sometimes love to hate), so you never waste your precious workout time waiting for a machine or bar. Our sparkling clean space has plenty of room for you to stretch out and sweat comfortably. And our passionate coaches and supportive members generate a vibe of encouragement that helps you get through even the toughest WODs. Come in and see it for yourself!

  • After having kids, I realised I needed to do something so I could run in the park with them and have an enjoyable life with them. Josh, Jacq and the rest of the coaches have made a world-class fitness centre here, one that works amazingly for me and for others.

    Nathan Krisko

  • Over 2 years ago, I started at CrossFit Assassin. I was over-worked, stressed and overweight. These days, I find that I am happier, and if I ever have a downer day at work, I always know my CrossFit family will be there for a laugh, joke and a sweaty fist bump.

    Lionel Spud Murphy

  • I've been with CrossFit Assassin for three years now, and it's like my second home. The atmosphere is one of a strong community where everyone cheers everyone on and supports each other, and we all have fun while getting fit.

    Jade White