Success Stories


At CrossFit Assassin, we help people achieve things they never thought possible. Our coaches work hard to provide expert instruction that delivers amazing results. Don’t believe us? Check out our success stories and see for yourself!

  • Nathan Krisko

    I have struggled with weight and fitness for years and tried several gyms, personal trainers, diets, and other methods. None of them kept my interest or worked for me. After having kids, I realised I needed to do something seriously, so I could be around for them. So I could run in the park with them and have an enjoyable life with them.

    Having driven past CrossFit Assassin every day to and from work, I decided to give it a go and do the free trial. I was completed destroyed, and then found out it was only the warm up! Despite finishing the hour exhausted and sore, I was hooked!

    The very personal and experienced coaches make the workouts extremely effective. They always make sure that form and technique take precedence over quantity or scores. They make sure that we leave the gym fitter, stronger, and healthier than we walked in.

    Josh, Jacq, and the rest of the coaching team have really made a world-class fitness centre here in Rockingham, one that works amazingly for me and for others.

  • Lionel Spud Murphy

    I know everyone that talks about CrossFit always starts with how it saved their lives, well I’m not sure if it saved mine but it sure has set my path in life. Over two years ago, I started at CrossFit Assassin. I was over worked, stressed and overweight. The first few months were touch and go but with a couple of helpful messages from the staff I was motivated to get fit.

    The whole reason I joined CrossFit was to be able to tackle any opportunity that came up. If there was a 10km fun run, a triathlon, a bike ride, or an obstacle race, I wanted to be able to do them. After training CrossFit for 4 months I took the plunge! I entered and completed a four-day 200km mountain bike race.

    So now after being able to run 5kms without feeling like I’m dying, I have lost count of all the events I have completed! From triathlons (with and without my CrossFit family) to completing grueling CrossFit competitions, I owe it all to CrossFit Assassin.

    These days I find that I am happier and if I ever do have a downer of a day, I always know my CrossFit family will be there at the end for a laugh, joke, and a sweaty fist bump. Thanks, CrossFit Assassin!

  • Jade White

    I’ve been with CrossFit Assassin for three years now and it’s like my second home. I have met so many wonderful people I can now call lifelong friends. The atmosphere is one of a strong community where everyone cheers everyone on and supports each other. We all have fun while getting fit. I have learned that my body can do things I never thought it was capable of and I love going in every day to see what else I can accomplish. The coaches are brilliant and all know their stuff well. While they are pushing to get the best out of me, they are also so supportive too. It’s a fantastic community that I can’t imagine not being part of.


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